About Us

The DESIGN INSTITUTE OF TRANSPORT INFRASTRUCTURE LTD started its activity in December 2009. From 2016 our Institute is a legal successor of property rights and obligations of "Transyuzhstroyproekt" Design Institute, LLC. 

The Company carries out the full range of engineering surveys, including geodetic, geological, ecological and hydrometeorological ones; develops the design and estimate documentation for the construction of railway infrastructure facilities, motor roads, industrial and civil construction at various design stages, beginning with basic design solutions and ending with the project and engineering documentation. 

Our company's activity has been distinguished by a competent and businesslike approach to the creation of projects, based on the experience and expertise of our employees; currently, the total number of people employed exceeds 300.

The Company staff comprises a wide range of experts, including three Candidates of Science (Engineering), in designing railway and motor transport infrastructure, plot plans and engineering structures such as bridges, overpasses, retaining walls and small engineering structures; in architectural and construction solutions; automation, telecontrol and communications systems; electrification and power supply installations; sanitary installations, as well as project discipline specialists in environmental protection, construction organization plans and cost estimation.

Our Company has been a participant of the design, survey and engineering services market for 11 years. We offer our Partners the implementation of new process and engineering solutions, undergoing different expert reviews, facilities support at the construction and commissioning stages, while showing positive dynamics of development.

The projects developed by our Company meet the performance, efficiency and safety requirements for the facilities.


Our results

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